Thursday, February 14, 2008

Human Resource Management - General

Human resource management now occupies a prime position of all disciplines of management. Companies are now trying to increase their competencies by investing in their human capital by way of the state of the art methods. The attitudes and behaviors of the human capital are highly related to the success of the organization. Kerala is a leading supplier of the human capital to all nooks and corner of the world. Earlier studies shown that the attitude of Kerala people become more positive when they go outside the state. The situation inside Kerala is now changing as a result of our economic growth and better living conditions. Hence a study about employees’ attitude is very significant in Kerala. More over cooperative sector stands in between the public and the private sector and the employees will also have some ownership feeling. Hence a cooperative organization is selected for the study.
Employee surveys are an ideal way to understand the feelings of the employees. They help to feel the pulse of the employees, which can determine the cause of several problems like high absenteeism, organizational conflict, disputes, and high employee dissatisfaction. The outcome of the surveys would help to determine the steps that have to be undertaken to reduce the incidence of such issues, as well as to improve the morale of the employee and productivity.