Saturday, February 16, 2008

Human Resources Development

1.6 Methodology of the study
There are a number of possible methods for measuring employees’ work related attitudes, such as conducting focus groups, interviewing employees, or carrying out employee surveys. Of these methods, the most accurate measure is a well-constructed employee attitude survey. A cooperative organization is selected for the purpose of the study. Sample of fifty employees is selected from the head office, an urban branch and a rural branch of ‘The Thrissur district cooperative bank Ltd, Thrissur’ on random basis from among the Branch managers, accountants and the clerks. A questionnaire is distributed to the sample population. The results are analyzed using MS Excel. The findings, conclusions and suggestions are included in a separate chapter.
1.7 Limitations of the study
This study is conducted in an apex district level financial Institution of Kerala. The study is in cooperative sector. The Sample contains managers, accountants and clerks (middle level staff) only. The sample size is fifty only. As the size of the sample is small and it is conducted in a limited span of time the generalization is difficult. As the HR conditions of Kerala cooperative sector is unique the generalizations of the findings to other areas is also difficult.
1.8 Summary
The employees’ attitude is studied to find its relation with the success of the organization. The study is conducted in ‘The Thrissur district cooperative bank Ltd, Thrissur’. A sample survey is conducted for the study. Fifty samples are selected at random from two branches and the head office of the organization. The questionnaire is prepared in such a way that the analysis of the questions from areas of different attitudes can measure the attributes of success belongs to the following list. The list of benefits which contributes to success are: Increases productivity, solves problems, fosters teamwork, improves quality, makes congenial atmosphere, breeds loyalty, increases profits, fosters better relationships with employer, employee & customers, helps a person to become a contributing member and makes for a pleasing personality. From different questions of the questionnaire, scores are generated to quantify these attributes. The Microsoft excel software is used to analyze the results. The attributes of success measured in the study shows that ‘the attitude which helps to become employees contributing members is the attribute which has the highest percentage score in the organization and ‘Breeds loyalty’ is the lowest percentage score .All the success attributes are scored above 76% and the average of all the scores is 81%. This is a very high level of success rating. Here the work related attitude of the employees is on a highly positive level and it has contributed to the success of the organization.The details of findings of the study are included in the fifth chapter.


Jaxon said...

Every organization mainly depends upon the performance of the employees and with an effective Human resource workshop an organization can achieve their objectives.

HR Management said...

Human Resources Development (HRD) is a framework for personal development and personal organization skills, knowledge and skills. Human resources development includes features such as staff training, staff development, performance management and development, training, counseling, succession planning, identification of key personnel, training, and support.

GWhite said...

I feel that a well conducted employee attitude survey is the most efficient means of developing human resource management within a company. As @HR Management stated in his features of human resources, these steps are also very important in the development of human resource management.

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